Winery Tours with KatchaKombi

Hire a Kombi and cruise on Your Winery Tours

Victoria is rich in wine regions, and the best way to see it all is with a big group of friends in the luxury of a chauffeured van.

Climb aboard one of our fully-equipped Kombi vans and turn your winery tour into a one-of-a-kind outing!

Perhaps you’re looking to do a tour of selected wineries in the Yarra Valley, or maybe the Bellarine Peninsula is more up your alley? It would be our pleasure to chauffeur you around for the day.

If you have set wineries in mind, excellent. If not, we can suggest a few for you and help you map out the perfect route.

For a truly unique experience spent taste-testing famous wines and soaking up the gorgeous Aussie countryside, you can’t go past a Kombi van winery tour!

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